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Bizzell Global Welcomes New Chief of Staff

Bizzell Global Welcomes New Chief of Staff

July 24, 2023 (New Carrollton, Md) – Kwame Phillips joins Bizzell Global Ventures (Bizzell) as the Chief of Staff in the New Carrollton headquarters. Mr. Phillips will work closely with the executive leadership team to streamline processes, enhance communication channels, and reinforce Bizzell’s commitment to excellence in every aspect of its operations.

“I look forward to partnering with my new colleagues to further our shared goals of strategic innovation and drive for excellence,” remarked Mr. Phillips. “Bizzell has demonstrated a reputation for empowering communities worldwide through sustainable, equitable, data-driven solutions.”

Mr. Phillips brings nine years of experience in diversity education, strategic retention initiatives, leadership development programs, and leading business resource groups. Prior to joining Bizzell, Mr. Phillips was the Associate Director for Multicultural Affairs at Johns Hopkins University, Office of Diversity & Inclusion. In this capacity, Mr. Phillips was responsible for leading the department, charting its key priorities, and guiding a team of more than 30 professionals, interns, and graduate assistants, and supporting thirty-seven intercultural affinity groups. Mr. Phillips received his Bachelor of Arts degree in business economics and his Master of Arts in Professional Communications and Leadership from Georgia Southern University (formerly Armstrong State University).

“With the addition of Mr. Phillips to our leadership team, we are confident that Bizzell Global is poised to reach new heights and remain at the forefront of our industry,” said Anton C. Bizzell, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Bizzell Global.

About Bizzell Global Ventures

Bizzell Global Ventures, LLC (Bizzell) is a strategy, consulting, and technology solutions provider headquartered in New Carrollton, Maryland. Bizzell is a partner of choice by federal, state, and local government agencies, and private organizations. With a strong emphasis on innovation and impact, Bizzell transforms small ideas into powerful catalysts that drive change across markets worldwide. Learn more at www.bizzellglobal.com.

Media Contact: Carlos Gomez
cgomez@bizzellglobal.com | 301.246.6250

ABZL International Launches Food Security Venture in Tanzania

ABZL International Launches Food Security Venture in Tanzania

As the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit draws to a close, ABZL International is pleased to announce a new venture based in the Republic of Tanzania to address food security challenges. The goal of this deliberate international investment is to increase agricultural productivity and resilient food systems.

It is estimated that by 2050, the world’s population will increase by approximately two billion more people which will require a 70 percent increase in global food production to feed them. With these challenges facing the world, ABZL International, a Bizzell Company, has made food security a strategic priority. Through ABZL Tanzania, ABZL International is supporting local farmers and increasing distribution of food from the Republic of Tanzania to other nations around the world.

About ABZL International

ABZL International, Inc., a Bizzell Company, focuses on the provision of effective, efficient, timely, and fiscally responsible solutions that improve the quality of life for people in low, emerging, and middle-income countries. To learn more or partner with ABZL International, visit: ABZL.international or email info@abzl.international.


Bizzell Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary and Gives Back to Orphanage in Africa

Bizzell Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary and Gives Back to Orphanage in Africa

December 14, 2021 (New Carrollton, MD) – The Bizzell Group (Bizzell), an award-winning strategy, technology, and consulting firm, was featured in local media in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) for its global health and humanitarian focus and contributions to the Leve Moi Orphanage, an organization founded to serve children orphaned by natural disasters like the May 2021 Mount Nyiragongo volcano eruption, on-going political conflict and tension, and health epidemics including HIV/AIDS, Ebola, and COVID-19.

Bizzell donated 30 bunk beds, 60 mattresses, and dozens of mosquito nets to Leve Moi Orphanage. The donations, locally sourced from DRC businesses, will help the orphanage continue to serve the ongoing needs of the children in Goma, as they do not receive State funding and rely on the goodwill of donors like Bizzell to deliver essential services such as free education and meals. Leve Moi Orphanage serves nearly 500 children each day from the surrounding community and houses dozens of children overnight. During the trip to DRC, Dr. Anton C. Bizzell, President/CEO, and members from Bizzell’s Global leadership team, Yomi Jones, Vice President of Finance & Global Operations, and Rose Amolo, Director of Global Programs, traveled over 2000 miles from Kinshasa to Goma to visit the Leve Moi Orphanage. The children of Leve Moi welcomed, embraced, and thanked the Bizzell team through song and dance during the visit.

Learn more about this story as covered by local media in Goma: https://youtu.be/yNriMkva9CQ

Bizzell continued its 10 Year Anniversary celebration with its global staff in Kinshasa, honoring Bizzell’s DRC staff for their dedication to the firm’s global mission and international success. Dr. Bizzell addressed attendees at the celebration, noting Bizzell’s continued growth and global commitment, including expanding an initial two-person team into a global operation with representation in six countries around the world. In addition to Bizzell team members, other guests in attendance included staff from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Special Assistant to the President of DRC, Dr. Benjamin Bola, and other implementing partners and private sector representatives from Equity Bank and Vodacom.

Bizzell’s 10 Year Anniversary in DRC, combined with its philanthropic efforts continue to highlight and emphasize the firm’s focus on global expansion, addressing issues that improve the overall quality of life for people in low, emerging, and middle-income countries. DRC is the largest office in the Bizzell Global portfolio, with 13 staff implementing and supporting various global health protection activities including laboratory strengthening, health workforce development, early detection, treatment, and disease surveillance for Ebola, COVID-19, other epidemics and vaccine preventable diseases including Measles, Polio, Meningitis, Cholera, Monkey Pox.