Substance Abuse Clinical Trials

Kenyatta Crenshaw, MS, has more than 20 years of combined administrative, research, policy, and management experience in the private and public sector providing technical assistance, logistical support, subject matter expertise, and product design, publication, and editorial services. Ms. Crenshaw is currently the Project Director for the NIDA CTN DI: Moving Science from Research to Practice contract, providing technical assistance and support for the dissemination of research findings on opioids, substance abuse and substance use disorder to healthcare professionals and other stakeholders. She also serves as a Project Director of Technical and Logistics Support Services for the Office on Women’s Health (OWH) at the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health. Ms. Crenshaw previously held positions at the University of Maryland as Associate Director for their Public Leadership program and as a Community Director working with the University Health Center to provide technical assistance on HIV/HPV awareness, mental health, and other safety and health-related issues. As the Associate Director, she taught and mentored 200 students annually, supervised the evaluation of services and grants, and fostered partnerships to advance public health, technology, and education initiatives.

Ms. Crenshaw earned a Master of Education from the University of Toledo and is currently a candidate for a Doctor of Philosophy in Education Policy Studies and Socio-Cultural Foundations of Education from the University of Maryland.